Here are several questions that we are frequently asked. If you have others that you think we should add, please let us know.

We are on Highway 5 between Raven St and King St. 

We only receive people by appointment. Call or email to arrange a time to visit the shelter.

Review the information on our Adoption page. Ask us if the animal you want is available. Complete the adoption application form.

This is often a good idea to make sure you are a good fit for this pet. Contact us to ask about the options.

We are always looking for more volunteers. If you are able to lend a hand, review the information on our Volunteer page. Fill out the application if you are interested. If you can’t volunteer, you can always make a donation. Check out the options on our Donate page.

Mackenzie Veterinary Services comes to Fort Smith on a regular basis. Dr. Jim Stickney is based in High Level, Alberta but has a mobile clinic in a transport truck that he drives to Fort Smith. You can contact them to make an appointment or to seek veterinary advice. They post the dates of their planned visits on our Facebook page. Call Mackenzie Veterinary Services at (780) 926-5790.

Northern Hound Supply on York St.

Mackenzie Veterinary Services also sells food and some supplies. Contact them if you want them to bring anything on their next visit.

Northern Hound Supply is the only place in town to board your pet.

Mackenzie Veterinary Services offers boarding in High Level.

There may be options in Hay River, Yellowknife, High Level, Manning, Peace River, etc.

Northern Hound Supply on York St.

Contact Mackenzie Veterinary Services. They can call in your prescription to the local pharmacy which can often fill the prescription. If they cannot, Mackenzie Veterinary Services can send your prescription to town.

Please contact us and we will let you know if there is anyone who can help. We are unable to provide veterinary care.

Contact the Bylaw Officer at (867)872-0607. They can explain the process to you.

Contact the Bylaw Officer at (867)872-0607 to find out. They will be able to tell you.

Contact the Bylaw Officer at (867)872-0607 to find out. They will be able to tell you.

In order to get your pet back, you must contact the Bylaw Officer. You will have pay the required fees first. These fees are outlined on our Bylaws page.

Report any dog bite to the Bylaw Offficer immediately. Go to the Health Centre right away to get the required medical attention. This applies to all dog or cat attacks as well.

Contact the Bylaw Officer immediately. Contact Mackenzie Veterinary Services about your dog’s injuries.

Contact the Department of Environment and Climate Change to report the wild animal attack.

Contact the Bylaw Officer about your pet. Contact us for advice on what to do with your pet.

Contact the Bylaw Officer. If the dog is alive but injured, contact us immediately to ask about options. If you know the owner, let them know. Injured dogs may be aggressive. If you attempt to pick up the dog, be careful as it may bite you. If the dog is dead, contact us an we will advise you what to do.

Our fees only cover a fraction of our costs. We rely on donations to cover the rest of the costs. When we put up a dog or cat for adoption, the fee includes the costs of vaccinations and spaying or neutering the animal. Pet ownership is not cheap. If you think that our fees are expensive, perhaps pet ownership is not for you. In the future you will have many expenses including licenses, ongoing vaccinations, health care, pet food, pet supplies, etc. 

The Town of Fort Smith.