The Town of Fort Smith administers specific animal bylaws. These are enforced by the Bylaw Officer. You can contact the Bylaw Officer at (867)872-0607 or by email at

Fees for dog tags/licenses:

$40/year for un-neutered dogs.

$10/life for neutered dogs.

Other Fees:

1st Impoundment – $50*

2nd Impoundment – $100*

Additional Impoundments – $300*

Surrender Fee – $100

* Plus tag/license fees if unpaid and $15 per day fee while animal is at shelter. Animals not claimed within 3 business days become property of the Town. All fees must be paid prior to release of surrender of the animal.

Bylaws and Forms:

Dog Control Bylaw (Bylaw 678)

Amendments to the Dog Control Bylaw (Bylaw 788)

Domestic Animal Control Bylaw (Bylaw 420)

Animal Surrender Form (Click Here)