The Fort Smith Animal Society is run entirely by volunteers. People do it because they believe the animals at the shelter deserve good care. They do it because they believe in being good citizens. They do it because of the love they get back from the animals they look after. They do it because they are good people.

The FSAS is always looking for good people who love animals to stop in and help out. People helping out at the shelter do a variety of things. Some come in for an hour a day for a week approximately every 6 weeks to help look after the dogs, cats, kittens and puppies by feeding, and cleaning up, making sure they get out for a short play, and generally making sure they are healthy.

Some shelter volunteers come in for a chance to walk a dog or just check in to see the animals are all ok. Some of these helpers come on a regular schedule, and some come in when they can. We appreciate them all!

An ordinary volunteer schedule involves 45 minutes to 1 hour per day for a week, in the morning or evening, caring for the animals at the shelter. The schedules generally rotate every five or six weeks, so most “regular” volunteers come in about once every five or six weeks, depending on how many volunteers we have.

There are no end to good reasons why you should help out at the Fort Smith Animal Shelter. But the best one of all is how it makes you feel– that you are making a difference! When you volunteer, you change the world for the animals at the shelter just by being there, by elevating the moment for every animal you connect with. In turn, it changes your world, makes you feel like a better person, like a friendlier person, like a happier person, because you are. And why shouldn’t you be?– you make a difference!

Call the FSAS today at 872-5543 or email fortsmithanimalsociety@gmail.com and let us know if you want to help. We are always excited about new volunteers! Complete the volunteer application by clicking below.