Our hope is to find suitable homes for all dogs and cats at our shelter. In some cases, these pets have been surrendered to us and in other cases, they are strays. We have been very successful in finding forever homes for many animals over the years. Sometimes, we transport our animals to shelters down south or in the north to give them a better chance at adoption.

How to Adopt:

When you find an animal on Petfinder or at the shelter that you feel will be compatible with your family you will be required to complete an Application For Adoption. Adoption of any animal is NOT automatic and not a foregone conclusion. As much as we wish the animals to be adopted out, the desire to adopt animals to stable, loving, and compatible homes is our primary goal.

Once you have completed the Application for Adoption, a “HOLD FOR ADOPTION” will be placed on the animal you are requesting to adopt. The application will be considered by the Adoption Committee and reviewed. Applications are usually finalized within 24 to 48 hours. All decisions of the adoptions committee are final.

As part of the application review process the Adoption Committee may request to inspect your home to ensure the conditions are right for the animal. Animals may require a fenced yard, outside run, kennel, or dog house etc.

Many people want to adopt a pet but aren’t sure if they are ready. We have a solution for you: Fostering.

Fostering an animal is an excellent way to give and get love from a rescued animal from the Fort Smith Animal Society. Fostering can be as short as a week or as long as forever, though we prefer you would adopt those!

FSAS will help suitable people to foster a pet by starting you off with food, litter, leash, and whatever you need to get started. Some people know they cannot have a pet full time, for whatever reasons, and fostering animals may be the “best of both worlds.” It gives you the joy of companionship with a loving animal, and in return, animals have the happiness of a home for as long as you can take them.

The only downside to fostering is someone may adopt the pet while they are in your care, in which case the adopted animal will need to be delivered to its new owner.

Animals in a foster home are under less stress, so it’s likely to reveal the brighter sides of their personalities, and that increases the chances it will attract the eye of someone ready to adopt.

Fostering a pet can be a great project for families, one that teaches children and adults about the value of volunteering, responsibility, compassion and eve learning to deal with loss when a pet is adopted. It becomes a project that the whole family can rally around.

Foster families are asked to provide the kind of care usually associated with owning a pet. So, for example, they will need to provide food and water, appropriate exercise (walking a foster dog) as well as attention and love (petting the animal if appropriate, allowing it to be among the family during the day, etc.)

Adoption Fees

  • Adult Dogs $250.00
  • Puppies $450.00
  • Adult Cats $100.00
  • Kittens $150.00
  • The adoption fee includes vaccinations and spaying/neutering.


Dog Adoption:


Cat Adoption:

Terms and Conditions:

The staff of the Fort Smith Animal Society (FSAS) is very interested in finding the most suitable homes for our adoptable pets. In accepting this animal you must agree to be bound by the following rules and conditions:

  • I understand that the FSAS reserves the right to refuse adoption of any animal for any reason to any person. Reasons for rejection/refusal of adoption applications are not required to be given.
  • Adoption to out of town college students and those in college housing is prohibited.
  • There will be no animals adopted to anyone under the age of 18 years.
  • There will be no animals adopted out to anyone appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Adoptions will be refused during the Christmas holiday season.
  • I understand that the FSAS cannot guarantee the health, temperament or training of the animal herein applied for and will not be responsible for the nature or the condition of the adopted animal after it leaves the Society’s care.
  • I realize that no animal will be adopted out for any purpose other than as a household pet.
  • I agree to provide the animal with a good home, proper care, and kindly treatment throughout its life.
  • I assume all risks of injury to, from, or loss of my pet.
  • I am aware that the society will not release an animal to persons under 18 years of age.