Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

The FSAS is a group of volunteers dedicated to caring for lost, stray, surrendered, and abandoned animals in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada. The FSAS is under the administration of the Town of Fort Smith, and we are grateful for their continuing support.

Our mailing address is PO Box 722, Fort Smith, NT XOE OPO. We are located on Highway 5 between King St, and Raven St.

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When you find an animal at the shelter that you feel will be compatible with your family you will be required to complete an Application For Adoption. Adoption of any animal is NOT automatic and not a foregone conclusion. As much as we wish the animals to be adopted out, the desire to adopt animals to stable, loving, and compatible homes is our primary goal.

Once you have completed the Application for Adoption, a “HOLD FOR ADOPTION” will be placed on the animal you are requesting to adopt. The application will be considered by the Adoption Committee and reviewed. Applications are usually finalized within 24 to 48 hours. All decisions of the adoptions committee are final.

As part of the application review process, the Adoption Committee may request to inspect your home to ensure the conditions are right for the animal. Animals may require a fenced yard, outside run, kennel, or dog house etc.

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Yes. To adopt a kitten, the fee is $150 and the fee to adopt an adult cat is $100. To adopt a puppy, the fee is $450 and the fee to adopt an adult dog is $250.

Some people cannot adopt a pet forever but have a lot of love to share. Fostering is when a cat or dog comes to stay with you for a period of time or until it gets adopted. Staying with a loving family can be less stressful on the animal than staying in the shelter.

If you are interested in fostering a cat or dog, check out this page… click here.

Reach out to us… it is as simple as that. Let us know that you are willing and able to lend a hand and we will let you know how you can help. We interview potential volunteers to ensure commitment, determine availability and match strengths/interests with tasks We may partner you up with someone who can train you until you can do it on your own. Some of our volunteers work in teams and that usually works well. But it all starts with a phone call or email.

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Yes. However, at different times we may have enough of any one item. We ask you to contact the Shelter first and we will tell you what items we need. Please do not drop items off at the Shelter unless you have arranged it with us first.

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