• Puppy Mills

  • We have all heard the term but just what is a puppy mill?

    First and foremost it is a commercial enterprise producing large quantities of puppies for sale. “Living” conditions for the animals are usually far below sub standard. The “breeders” don’t spend a dime more than they have to, it cuts into the bottom line. They are not breeding for anything but the money.

    Plain and simple it’s exploitation and animal abuse of the worst kind.

    You, the consumer can shut this down. Just don’t buy. It’s that easy. Don’t buy puppies from pet stores. It has been estimated that 90% of the puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills. Don’t buy from a breeder who will NOT let you visit the kennel. Don’t buy pets over the Internet. Don’t shop at pet stores that offer animals for sale and let those pet stores know why you’re going to shop elsewhere. DO shop at pet stores which support animal rescue such as PETsMART.

    If there was no market for their animals the operators of puppy mills would quickly cease to exist. No profit. No business (if one can ethically call a puppy mill a business) The consumer controls that market. As long as the demand exists some idiot without a conscience will supply it.