Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2014 10:24:02 -0600
From: Sharon and Peter
To: Dixie Penner
Subject: A message from Miss Purdy Pants

….aka Thebacha Opo Maggie. The first. I go by “Maggie” and I respond very well to my new name. Everybody says it suits me; one friend calls me Shaggy Maggie and I like that too.

Hi Dixie!

I’ve been thinking about you and the rest of the gang at FSAS but I’ve been busy settling into my new home and kept running out of time to send you a note.

Things are really good here – The Folks are really nice and they are taking good care of me. I love sitting on their laps or beside them on the sofa so I can get my back rubbed. Sometimes I even let them rub my belly! I like to nip a bit sometimes but I’m learning that The Folks say “No” and stop patting me. I don’t like that so I’m trying to stop nipping. I’m improving!

We go for walks everyday – usually twice and sometimes three or four times! It’s great! There are lots to sniff and explore around here. I already know which door to go to if I want to go outside and The Folks like it that I sit and wait patiently (sort of) while I get my leash on for walks. Most of the people I meet on my walks are okay; some require some hesitation on my part. The Folks are trying to determine what the difference is and are wondering about ball caps on men.

There are stairs here – some outside from the deck to the lawn and I’ve mastered those but the stairs down into the basement are a bit of a mystery to me still – I’ll probably try those one day when Mom or Dad go down to do laundry and don’t come up for awhile; I’m curious to know what’s down there. Mom vacuumed yesterday and I don’t really like that thing so I just went and lay under the rocking chair until she was finished. Oh – and I’m also a grease monkey because I was outside while Dad worked on the boat and got my tail in some grease. It’s proving a bit challenging to get it out.
I’m eating very well and have the bedtime routine down pat. I like sleeping on the floor in the ensuite bathroom; Mom and Dad think that’s kinda funny! Last night, though, I slept on my new bed for the first time! I like it! We got some great chew sticks from the pet store and Dad brought some home from Calgary – yum!

I had a little check up visit to the vet on Friday. It turns out that I have an ear infection so we’re treating on that and perhaps I won’t be scratching and rubbing my ears so much soon. I’m going to go back in a couple of weeks to have my teeth checked – the vet said dealing with my ears on Friday was enough. I sure do love being brushed! I like the comb thing they have here, too; feels s00000 good. Nearly all the knots and mats are gone now. Thank you for starting that tricky task.

In order to get my city dog license, I need proof of being spayed. Apparently, they won’t take my word for it. is that something you could fax to us or do we need to contact the Dr. Stickney? Mom’s fax number at work is 873-0307 if you can provide that information; otherwise, we’ll call Dr. Stickney. Thanks for looking into this.

So… as far as I’m concerned The Folks are keepers and I’d like to live here now! And I know they feel the same about me! We’ll arrange to get the crate back to you and send you some money. Who pays for the trip up on Northwestern?

Mom and Dad have the weigh bill but we don’t want to pay twice! Please let us know.

Time to go. We are going for a walk!

Thank you, Dixie for taking such good care of me while I was at FSAS. Thanks too to all the other volunteers. You are all special, special people.


Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 19:42:03 +0000
From: Sharon Chynoweth
To: Dixie Penner
Subject: A message from Maggie

Hi Dixie!

Things are just great here – I’m so happy. I’m very relaxed now – I’ve found some nice little cozy nooks for snoozing around the house and I just love walking every day. Sometimes I’m a Major Sniffer and sometimes I walk along nicely –just depends on my mood. I’ve figured out that after my walk to the mailbox in the morning, I go into my crate so the folks can go to work. Mostly, I try to look anonymous in my little bed in the family room just in case they can’t see me, but a couple of times, I’ve gone right to my crate on my own! Isn’t that smart?! They leave the radio on for me so I’m not lonely. It turns out that at night I prefer to sleep either under their bed or on the floor in the ensuite – too bad they spent so much on a nice bed for me ’cause I’m not interested in it.

I said I was happy – well, except for the ear drops they have to give me for my ear(s) infection. I’m not so keen on those drops and in fact, I got really nasty with the vet when I visited there for a second check-up and he had to tough love me. Mom and Dad think that must have worked though because I don’t nip anymore (my ears aren’t hurting as much) and now that I get a little spoonful of ice cream (YUM!) when I cooperate, it’s all fine. They put a little muzzle on me but I’m even getting used to that.

And … last night, I had a little sponge bath! Can you believe that!? I kind of liked it! Mom just washed around my face and neck because she had to be careful with my ears. But at one point, I even went into “bliss” mode. Mom just held me close on the kitchen counter by the sink and washed me from there. She didn’t get all the soap totally out so I’ll bet I’m going to do that again tonight. Rumour has it that one of these days I’ll end up in the bathtub for the full meal deal.

The crate that you sent me to Yellowknife in is coming back to you on the flight this afternoon. And I hear that the cheque is in the mail. Where have you heard that before?! Except I don’t think Morn would kid about that — she just didn’t want to put it in the crate where it might get lost.

Anyway, I just wanted you and the others at FSAS to know that I’m living a great life now — yay!

Waggie Shaggie Maggie

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