You care about animals and that’s why you are here. Maybe you don’t have time to volunteer in person, but your donation means a lot to the animals in the care of FSAS. It is how we get their food. It is how we get their veterinary work done. It ensures animals leave the shelter healthy and ready for new homes.
You make this happen with your donation. Our Charity BN/Registration number is #891610396RR0001

How to donate:

Classrooms have raised great amounts for the animal society and taught students about responsibility and citizenship. Individuals, both adults, and children have donated pledges from their unusual efforts. People pledge in memoriam for loved ones who wished to see the FSAS supported in their memory. Some ask for people to donate to the animal shelter in lieu of gifts. You can make donations with the Treasurer of the Fort Smith Animal Society, or in the many coin boxes at businesses throughout the Town of Fort Smith.
100% of your donations go toward animal care. We do not put any donations toward non-animal activities or expenses. Contact us at (867)872-5543 today to arrange your donation. You can also email us by clicking here to make arrangements.
To make a donation, choose one of these options:
1. Preferred: Complete the form below and mail a cheque to the Fort Smith Animal Society at: PO Box 722, Fort Smith, NT XOE OPO
2. Complete the form below and complete an email money transfer to the Fort Smith Animal Society at:
3. Complete the form below and let us know that you want to make a cash donation.

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