Here is a collection of articles that might help before you decide to adopt:

Guide to Keeping Your Pets Safe At Home

Well-intentioned pet owners may not know about certain dangers in their homes that are putting their pets’ lives at risk and it’s our hope that we can reach some of them with this helpful guide. Making your home safe for your pet is dependent on what type of pet you have; the advice for dogs is different than the advice for cats, and so on. 

The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption

Thinking about adopting a furry companion? That’s great! Pet rescues and shelters are filled with animals waiting to be adopted and re-homed. Giving a new forever after home to a rescued pet is a big decision. You want to give him a loving home and the best care possible. Pet adoption is lots of fun, but it does take time to plan and research.

10 Things To Do Before You Adopt a Pet

So you’ve made the decision to get a dog or cat. Hooray! Pets are a lot of fun to play with and can be exceptional cuddling partners. A dog or cat is a multi-year commitment of care, which includes ensuring their safety, feeding and housing them, and keeping them healthy. Yep, there’s a lot to know so let’s get you ready for your new furry family member.

Declawing cats: Far worse than a manicure

People often mistakenly believe that declawing their cats is a harmless “quick fix” for unwanted scratching. They don’t realize that declawing can make a cat less likely to use the litter box or more likely to bite. Declawing also can cause lasting physical problems for your cat. Learn alternative strategies to declawing.

10 Steps for Choosing the Right Shelter Cat for You

The decision to get a shelter cat is exciting but it can be overwhelming. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’ll be providing a forever home, but you may also be concerned with how to pick the right cat. Being impulsive when it comes to choosing a shelter cat may work out but is your home the right home for it.

The Definitive Guide to Cat Behavior and Body Language

Cats, like human beings, reveal their inner states through body language. Tuft and Paw sat down with Feline Behavior Expert Marci Koski to figure out how to tell a cat that’s anxious, fearful, or angry from one that’s friendly and comfortable. This article will help you understand common cat body language quirks.

A Guide To Choosing The Right Dog From A Shelter

If you can’t be sure of a dog’s true personality, how do you pick the right one? How do you tell the difference between a dog who is truly calm and easygoing and a dog who has shut down because of the overwhelming environment? There’s no denying that shelter dogs come with a lot of question marks, so how do you pick the right one. 

Complete Puppy Training Schedule by Age

The perfect puppy… It’s the vision that we as puppy owners all dreamt about. A puppy that’s leisurely strolling beside you, or sitting calmly at your feet at an outdoor cafe. But there are some steps to do to make sure your pup is on the right track with their training in order to get there! So how do you know what you should begin training your pup first on?

How to Identify a Puppy Mill vs a Responsible Breeder

Unfortunately, many stores can get dogs from puppy mills. To avoid supporting one of these places, it’s important you do some research before buying a puppy from a pet store or anyone who’s selling puppies. How can you spot a puppy mill? How can you spot a responsible breeder? Help put a stop to puppy mills by getting it from the right place.

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