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Next Vet Clinic in Fort Smith: August 1 - 4, 2012

Fort Smith is serviced by mobile veterinarian services by Dr. Jim Stickney and Dr. Jocelyn Stickney, Mackenzie Veterinary Services, usually once per month. We will try to post dates as soon as we know them. Please contact Chris Esser regarding appointments in Fort Smith (867) 872-2885
Fort Smith Clinic Dates

Mackenzie Veterinary Services
Dr. Jocelyn Stickney, D.V.M. and Dr. James Stickney, D.V.M.
Highway 35, 3Km North of High Level
P.O. Box 3629
High Level, AB T0H 1Z0
Ph: (780) 926-5790 Cell: (780) 512-7684

Dr. 's Stickney travel with their mobile vet clinic to Hay River, Fort Smith, Fort Simpson and Fort Providence, NT

Hay River Appointments Contact Rita Perron (867) 874-2909

In Fort Simpson contact Stickney Veterinary Services (780) 926-5790
or William Blyth (867) 695-3156

Rainbow Lakes appointments contact
Lenora Randell (780) 956-3895

We will post Fort Smith dates on the main page, and here, as soon as we are notified.


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August 1 - 4, 2012: Next Vet Visit.


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