• Thanks for your support
  • Thanks for your support

  • First and foremost, thank you to our volunteers!

    Volunteers are the very life and soul of the society. Though few in number they possess enormous energy in a common cause: "It’s for the animals." Our volunteers are simply amazing. Take a bow volunteers, you are fantastic.

    And to the families, friends, and employers of our volunteers...

    Without the support and understanding of our volunteers' families, friends and even employers, our volunteers would not be able to do such great things. To the people who stand behind our volunteers, thanks hardly seems enough, but it is all we have. So, thank you.

    To the people, businesses, and Town of Fort Smith...

    We want to thank those dropping change in the donation jars to hauling in bags of pennies and loose change for Pennies For Pets.

    We want to thank those generous people who donate pet food, bedding, treats, toys, leashes, and all manner of things that are so desperately needed.

    We want to thank the businesses that donate supplies or give us a break on pricing. The stores for donating dented cans and torn/leaking bags of food (though you’d be hard pressed to find a dent or tear in many.)

    We especially want to thank the Town of Fort Smith for the sharing agreement at the shelter and the use of the facility.

    And we want to thank the Bank of Montreal selling "bones" and the people buying them.

    We also want to thank those who donate time, money, supplies and their talents and expertise. Without your continuing support, assistance, encouragement, and co-operation there is no way the society could do what we are able to do.


    Thank you to the following businesses and organizations for your ongoing donations and contributions to the Fort Smith Animal Society: 

    • DHT Contracting
    • DeWolf Artworks
    • Kaeser's Store
    • Bank of Montreal
    • Fields
    • Cascade Communications
    • Town Of Fort Smith
    • Wesclean Northern Sales - Hay River
    • Northern Stores
    • Northwestern Air Lease
    • NWT SPCA
    • Great Slave Animal Hospital & Staff
    • McCullum Printing, Edmonton