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There are so many people we have to thank.

First and foremost the volunteers.

It takes a very special person to be performing shelter duty when it’s minus too-cold-to-breathe, and you have a spouse, kids, not to mention your own dog, cat, and regular job. It may be even more amazing when they are single and they could be home in bed without a care. They show up every day- rain, snow, heat or bugs, often when they don’t have to and aren't on the schedule. They come in just to help out, walk a dog, pet a cat, or as they say so often "just checking".

Volunteers are the very life and soul of the society. Though few in number they possess enormous energy in a common cause: "It’s for the animals." Our volunteers are simply amazing. Take a bow volunteers, you are fantastic.

The families, friends, and employers of our volunteers.

Without the support and understanding of our volunteers' families, friends, and even employers, our volunteers would not be able to do such great things. To the people who stand behind our volunteers, thanks hardly seems enough, but it is all we have. So, thank you.


The people, businesses, and Town of Fort Smith.

We want to thank those dropping change in the donation jars to hauling in bags of pennies and loose change for Pennies For Pets.

We want to thank those generous people who donate pet food, bedding, treats, toys, leashes, and all manner of things that are so desperately needed.

We want to thank the businesses that donate supplies or give us a break on pricing. The stores for donating dented cans and torn/leaking bags of food (though you’d be hard pressed to find a dent or tear in many.)

We especially want to thank the Town of Fort Smith for the sharing agreement at the shelter and the use of the facility.

And we want to thank the Bank of Montreal selling "bones" and the people buying them.

There are individuals who are not volunteers that donate, time, money, supplies, or their talents and expertise that deserve special mention:

Lauraine & Terry Armstrong, Larry Penner, Don Sutherland, Alex Gauthier, Brad Mapes, Louise Scott, Anna Gauthier, Geri Ruzicka, Frank Moskal, Emm Nixon, Dr.s Jim and Jocelyn Stickney & Staff, Chris Esser and her family, Grant & Nikita Paziuk, Don & Sandra Jaque, JBT Elementary Students, Linda Martin, Colin and Brett Moore, Dennis Mahussier, Chelsey Bradbury, Taylor Villeneuve, Dan Pahman, Bob Chadwick, Sittin’ Pretty Pet Salon, Adam McLarnon, Lindsey McIntyre, Andrea Steed, Stella Walterhouse, Marissa and Al Monchuk, teachers and students of PWK High School World Issues Club, the Trailcross Kids, Ib Kristensen, Brian Harrold and Sons, Lynne Esser, Carole Locke, Angela Lockhart, Julia Sewell, George Peterson, Tracey McPherson and Tim Van Dam.

Maureen Johnston and Al and Marissa Monchuk have have made in Memorium Donations in the name of Ruth Daigle. The Ladies Guild of St. John's Anglican Church have made memorium donations in the name of I. Wilcox.

Without your continuing support, assistance, encouragement, and co-operation there is no way the society could do what we are able to do. Thank you.

We also recognize the following businesses for their important and ongoing contributions to the community:

DHT Contracting
DeWolf Artworks
Kaeser's Store
Bank of Montreal
Cascade Communications
Town Of Fort Smith
Wesclean Northern Sales - Hay River
Northern Stores
Northwestern Air Lease
Great Slave Animal Hospital & Staff
McCullum Printing, Edmonton

There are two special volunteers who have poured their heart, soul, and time into the FSAS for countless years.

Dottie Hawley

Dottie has volunteered for the Society for 10 plus years. She currently serves as the FSAS President. Dottie keeps the shelter schedule running, making sure people know when to show, and filling in where needed. She is a tireless worker for the FSAS, and her efforts are very greatly appreciated. Thank you Dottie. Dottie's favorite quote “What’s Dixie’s number?”

Dixie Penner

Dixie does it all. The can do gal. Dixie was voted outstanding volunteer in the NWT in 2002. Way to Go Dixie! If you need help at the shelter or have an animal question ask Dixie. Dixie has been with the FSAS since…well, you'll have to ask her when you see her. Now the Treasurer she is past President and the prime mover and shaker of the Society. Thank you Dixie for all you do.

To both of these great role models, we say thanks, from every person and animal who has ever had the benefit of what the FSAS offers the community.


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