• Microchipping

  • What is Microchipping?

    Microchipping is a permanent means of identifying your pet. A small transponder, approximately 11mm in length (think a grain of rice) is placed under the skin with a special injection tool, which looks like an oversized hypodermic need.

    When a signal from a handheld scanner is sent to the transponder it transmits an encoded identification number. (This is much the same process as used in aircraft, by air traffic control systems just on a much smaller scale.) This identification number is then read and displayed on the scanner.

    The identification number can be searched, via the Internet and any web browser or using specialized software available to participating organizations, to immediately locate the owners. Provided this information is maintained as the owners move, the owner can be located in minutes. Watch the video below for the story about Luna, who was reunited with her owner because she was microchipped.

    Microchipping is no more painful than a set of vaccinations done by your vet. There may be some slight bleeding, more so than a normal injection, the needle is larger in diameter, however, this is the only side effect we have really noticed. Many animals don’t even seem to notice the implant being done at all.

    Cost of Microchipping

    The cost of microchipping your pet is a lot less than the heartache of a pet that cannot be returned to its owner. We have seen prices for microchipping vary from $25.00, registration extra, to as high as $175.00.The Fort Smith Animal Society no longer does microchipping, however, we encourage you to have your pet microchipped by Mackenzie Veterinary Services when they are in town. The procedure only takes a few minutes and lasts for the life of your pet.

  • Microchipping Success Story