• Lost and Found

  • To check on a Lost Pet contact the Fort Smith Animal Society (867)872-5543 and leave a message. Messages are usually checked twice daily.

    If your pet is missing, Put a notice on the FSAS Facebook Page, you can join the page and find out quickly if anyone has seen your pet. Include as much information as you can, and add pictures if you have any.

    It is also recommended that you contact The Town of Fort Smith By-Law Enforcement Officer at Fort Smith Town Hall at 872- 8400

    If your pet has been brought to the animal shelter by the town By-Law officer, you must contact Bylaw Enforcement to Arrange for the release of your pet. The Fort Smith Animal Society volunteer cannot release any animal captured at large by the Town Of Fort Smith By-Law Enforcement. Doing so would draw a fine of $300.00. Contact By-Law Enforcement to arrange the release of your pet at 872-8400.

  • How to find a lost dog...