• Grief and Loss of a Pet
  • Grief and Loss of a Pet

  • The grief we feel when our pets die is as individual as we are and as they were. There is no set limit to how you will feel or how you should feel. How deep the sense of loss is or how long you will feel that way. There are no cures for aches so deep it seems.

    Time does help. The feeling of loss and pain will diminish for most of us. It never truly goes away, at least for me. There are excellent resources available on the internet we suggest starting at The Humane Society of the USA site. Coping with the Death of Your Pet In larger communities and cities you may find support groups to help you get through the loss of your pet. Check with your veterinarian or local chapter of the SPCA or Humane Society for information and assistance in locating support services.

    If you have children the loss of a family pet may be their first exposure to death and dying. Please be sensitive to their needs through this, even while your emotions may be in tatters you do need to consider how children view this loss and their grief. Helping children cope with their loss and share in there grief will help you. Do not be afraid to express your emotions, they are yours and they are valid.

    Consider a tribute or memorial to your pet. On line postings or in your own home. There are as many ways to remember your pet as there are pets to remember.

    Remember the good times, the fun, the laughter, the joy, the tears. No pet is gone as long as they are remembered. Give yourself time to grieve. Above all give yourself the right to grieve in your way at your pace and in your time.

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