• Society Executive

  • The following people serve as the Fort Smith Animal Society executive. They are all volunteers and contribute lots of their personal time to keep the Animal Shelter functioning in the successful way that Fort Smithers have come to rely on.

  • Lillian Kristensen

    Lillian Kristensen

  • Founder & President Emeritus

    The Fort Smith Animal Society was started by Lillian Kristensen, and the Society became a registered not for profit Society in the 1980's. "Everything I had ever dreamt about the animal shelter for the future is there now," Kristensen says about the shelter's current location. "And we have the best shelter in the Northwest Territories, thanks to the town being so generous."

  • Lora Browne

    Lora Browne

  • President

    Lora has been a volunteer at the Animal Shelter for many years. She has a love for dogs that has also led to the same love in her daughter Chelsea. Lora has taken on different roles with the FSAS and recently became the interim President.

  • Dixie Penner

    Dixie Penner

  • Treasurer

    It is hard to know how to describe what Dixie does for the FSAS. She may be the Treasurer in title but there is way more to it than that. She is the person that most people associate with the Animal Shelter. Whether it is going in to hold an animal in its final moments or coming in to care for someone's pet who has been injured... Dixie does so much. 

  • Lauraine Armstrong

    Lauraine Armstrong

  • Secretary

    Lauraine has been volunteering with the FSAS for several years. She is currently the Secretary but lends a hand in many ways including fundraising efforts for the Society. She has a soft spot for labs and lab crosses, especially black labs. She vowed to get a yellow lab, but somehow ended up with a chocolate lab... and then another black lab.