Dog Training

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All dogs can benefit from some kind of training. There are a welth of excellent resources on the internet to help you train your pet. Some of the sites we like are:

The Dog Whisperer - all inclusive dog care website.

RSCPA Austraila - The dogs down under get good training too!

A good Positive Reinforcement article

Service Dogs - Some short, interesting videos about the unique world of service dogs. A highlight is the dog who manages to pick up dollars, and then dimes for its trainer.


Success Stories: Sam - Read the heartwarming story of one of our latest successful adoptions.

2012 FSAS Calendars: are still available! Proceeds go to the Fort Smith Animal Society to continue our important work...

November 3, 2011: We have a new website! If you have comments, we'd love to hear them. Something you want to see, but we don't have?-- let us know...

August 1 - 4, 2012: Next Vet Visit.


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