Boarding Animals:

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Boarding services are the most important revenue stream we have, and we welcome your pet to the Fort Smith Animal Society Shelter for safe keeping while you are away.

Boarding space is limited, and it is best to book ahead. Boarding for dogs is restricted to 3 kennels at any one time. When those kennels are occupied or scheduled for occupation, we are unable to take in additional boarders.

The Fort Smith Animal Society provides short term boarding only. Pets are required to have current vaccinations and be in compliance with all Town Of Fort Smith Bylaws. Boarding is limited to pets that have been spayed/neutered. NO intact pets will be boarded.

Boarding must be approved by Dottie 872-4270 or Dixie 872-3516 prior to boarding commencing.

Boarding Fees Dogs

Owner supplied food/bedding $15.00 per day

Shelter Supplies food/bedding $20.00 per day

Fees are per day per animal. The Fort Smith Animal Society will NOT board animals that are not spayed or neutered.

Boarding Fees Cats

Boarding fee $5.00 per day

Cats that are not spayed or neutered will NOT be boarded. We are only able to provide communal boarding of cats at the present time

Other Fees/Charges

Borrowing Kennels/Transport Crates $100.00 Deposit

Dog Food $60.00 per Bag


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