• Adopted

  • Just in case you wanted to see some of our success stories, here are some of our Happy Tails! These pets have been adopted from the Fort Smith Animal Society.

  • Sam

    The Canadian Puppy That Smells a Bit Like Maple Syrup Sam showed up on Petfinder when I was looking through the site one night searching for adoptable[...]

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    Goldy - Update

    It is always nice to get updates... Goldy is doing well.

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    If you were looking to adopt a dog from a shelter how far would you go to make it possible? How long a journey would you be willing to make for this [...]

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    Moose was a big boy when he was adopted. Once he settled into his new home, he got healthier and lost some weight.

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    Bindy Lou

    Sometimes our shelter dogs end up in a forever home with other Fort Smith shelter dogs. Bindy Lou ended up in Yellowknife with a forever friend from [...]

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